Sagamore Spirit Port Finish Rye Whiskey

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In 2019, our Port Finish Rye Whiskey was honored as the World's Best Rye Whiskey. The marriage of an award-winning distillery and winery, both from Maryland, is undeniable. For this batch, we aged our 6-year-old straight rye whiskey in port barrels from Boordy Vineyards for up to an additional 2 years and 6 months. The result is a decadent blend of dark fruits, raisins, honey dates, and mulling spices with a full, dry finish. Our Sagamore Reserve Series celebrates an unyielding focus on distilling excellence from start to finish.

103 Proof
Aged 6 years in charred new oak barrels.
Aged up to 2 years and 6 months in Boordy Port barrels.