Privacy Policy

Sagamore Spirit's Privacy Policy

Last revised: May 25, 2018

Sagamore Whiskey, LLC, d/b/a Sagamore Spirit, is committed to protecting your personal privacy. We are providing this notice to explain the type of information we collect about you and how that information is used.

This policy contains important information about your privacy rights and we encourage you to read it. If you have questions about this policy, please contact us by email at or by mail at:

Legal Team 
301 E Cromwell St 
Baltimore, MD 21230-5012

We collect information to operate our business and provide you with personalized, informational, and interactive services through our websites, mobile apps, social media pages, and in our Visitor Center at the Sagamore Spirit Distillery (“Services”). We collect both Personal Information and Other Information to provide these Services to you.

This Privacy Policy covers:



Sagamore Spirit is an independent, privately-owned company operating in the United States, and is responsible for collecting and processing your personal information. Sagamore Spirit is affiliated with Plank Industries, LLC, also a privately-owned company operating in the United States. At times, Plank Industries may collect and process your information on behalf of Sagamore Spirit; however, Sagamore Spirit remains responsible for protecting your information and complying with all applicable laws. For the purpose of this policy, whenever we refer to “we” or “us” we mean either Sagamore Spirit, Plank Industries, or both entities.

We use third-party vendors, known as “Processors”, to help us run our Services and our business. We use Processors for web hosting, tracking technologies, customer data management, e-commerce, payment processing, analytics, and geolocation services. These Processors may collect your personal information on our behalf and send it to us. We may also share your personal information with these Processors to allow us to use it in the ways described in this policy. We carefully select these partners and ensure that they are committed to data privacy and security.


"Personal Information" is information that can be used, directly or indirectly, alone or together with other information, to identify you as an individual. This may include your precise location data and information you provide to create accounts or sign-up for our Whiskey Thieves program.

The Personal Information we collect depends on the purpose, but might include: 
1. Name 
2. Date of birth 
3. Country of residence 
4. Email address 
5. Telephone number 
6. Address (both mailing and billing) 
7. Account usernames, passwords, and unique user IDs 
8. Payment information such as debit or credit card information 
9. IP address 
10. Purchase history 
11. Product preferences 
12. Cookie preferences 
13. Service use history 
14. Proof of age, which may include a copy of a valid form of ID if you gave one to us 
15. Employment history 
16. Details of your contact with us 
17. Photographs and videos you shared with us or taken of you at one of our events 
18. Social media profile information, such as profile pictures, social media handles, and any information you have made publicly available 
19. Information about another individual you provided to us. If you give us any Personal Information about another person, you represent that you are authorized to do so and permit us to use that information according to this Privacy Policy.


We collect your Personal Information at different times during your user experience with Sagamore Spirit. Here is a list of times when we collect Personal Information from you:

1. When you access our Services, including through mobile apps 
2. When you create an online account to shop at the Sagamore Spirit Gift Shop 
3. When you make a purchase from the Sagamore Spirit Gift Shop, return something you’ve purchased, or request a refund 
4. When you participate in a promotion (contest/sweepstakes/giveaway/coupon) 
5. When you book a tour of the Sagamore Spirit Distillery 
6. When you attend an event or respond to an event invitation 
7. When you submit a review or participate in a survey 
8. When you contact us by email, phone, or any other means of communication 
9. When you communicate with us or interact with us via social media 
10. When you submit an application for employment


We collect personal information from you for several reasons. First, we collect information from you to make our Services available to you and to customize your experience. Unless collecting your personal information is necessary so that we can fulfill a legal obligation or for a legitimate business interest, you can choose for it to not be collected. However, if you don’t provide us some information, your experience with our Services may not be as enjoyable and some of our Services just won’t work.


We use the Personal Information we collect from you to provide our Services to you, to communicate with you about new products, Services, and events you may be interested in, and to fulfill requests you send to us. 
We may also use your Personal Information to operate our business, improve existing products and Services, develop new products and Services, and to improve and personalize your experiences interacting with us. We will only use your information in this way when necessary due to a legal obligation, a legitimate business interest, or if we are fulfilling the terms of a contract, such as when you submit an order through the Sagamore Spirit Gift Shop.

Accessing our Website

We make alcohol and are committed to making sure everyone we encounter savours our spirit both responsibly and legally. One way we do this is by using an Age Gate, which requires everyone who visits our website to first verify that they are over the age of 21 before entering the website. If you are over the age of 21, once you verify your age at the Age Gate, you have the option of checking a “Remember Me” box at the Age Gate, which will allow us to recognize you when you visit our website again in the future. If you use the “Remember Me” function, we will collect your IP address from you and use cookies to remember you, allowing you to skip the Age Gate. The “Remember Me” function will not work unless we collect this Personal Information. We collect this information from you with your consent after giving you notice at the Age Gate.

Whiskey Thieves Signup

When you sign up to be a Whiskey Thief, we will collect some personal information from you. The personal information collected includes name, email, gender, address, date of birth, and Service use history. We collect this information only after giving you notice and obtaining your consent or because we have a legitimate business interest. We use this information to communicate with you and let you know about our products, events, and Services based on your preferences. When you have asked to receive marketing communications from us, we may also send you marketing emails about the products, events, and Services of our partners and affiliates, but only with your consent.

Find Rye

When you use the Find Rye feature of our website to find stores, restaurants, and bars that sell Sagamore Spirit, we may access your location data while you are using the Service, but only if you agree to allow us to use your location when prompted. If you consent to allow us to know your location and you have enabled the use of tracking technologies on your browser, we will access your location data whenever you use Find Rye, but we will not store your location data. You don’t need to let us know your location to use Find Rye, but the Service is more user friendly if you do. Find Rye is powered by Google, so if you have authorized us to access and use your location data, Google will also have access to this information. For more information on Google Maps go to

Employment Applications

When you apply for employment with us, we will collect your name, email address, and any information you attach to your application, such as a cover letter or resume. When you submit an application for employment through our website, we also collect your IP address, date and time of submission, and a unique identifier assigned to your application. We collect this information because we have a legitimate business interest in managing and tracking applicants to evaluate them as potential Teammates and to ensure the security of our Services.

Sagamore Spirit Gift Shop

When you make a purchase through our website, in person at our Visitor Center, or when we sell merchandise at remote locations, we may collect personal information from you, such as name, email, address, and phone number. We will also collect payment information, such as debit or credit card information and billing details, such as address, so that we can process payment. We collect this information so that we can complete your purchase, which is a type of contract. If you provide your email address to us and begin, but don’t complete a purchase, we may send you an abandoned cart reminder, based on our legitimate business interest. If you purchase alcohol from us, we may also collect your date of birth to verify that you are old enough to purchase alcohol. We collect this information to comply with the legal obligations of our alcohol licenses. 
We use Shopify to host our ecommerce shop and to process payment. Learn more about Shopify by visiting

Mobile App

When you use one of our mobile apps, we will collect information you provide to us, such as name, date of birth, email, phone number, address, and your drinking preferences. We will also collect your geo location, but only if you consent to our access on your mobile device. We collect this information with your consent. We may also collect information about the type of device you are using and your mobile service provider. We collect this information because we have a legitimate business interest in tracking access to our Services for security purposes.

Booking a Tour

When you book a tour through our website, over the phone, or in person at our Visitor Center, we will collect personal information from you, such as name, email, and phone number. We will also collect payment information, such as debit or credit card information and billing details, such as address, so that we can process payment. We collect this information so that we can process your reservation, which is a type of contract. When you arrive at our Visitor Center for your tour, we may also collect personal information from you and all guests in your party who will be savouring our spirits to verify that everyone tasting is of legal drinking age. We collect this information to comply with the legal obligations of our alcohol licenses.

We use Xola to book and manage reservations. For more information about Xola, visit

Promotions (Contest/Sweepstakes/Giveaway/Coupon)

When you participate in a promotion, we will collect certain personal information from you to administer the promotion and contact you if you are a winner. Each promotion has its own set of “Official Rules”, which will detail what personal information is collected from you at that time. The personal information you provide in relation to a promotion will only be used to administer the promotion and for no other purpose unless you also ask to receive marketing communications from us. We use your personal information in this way because we have a legitimate business interest or because we are required to do so by law.

Onsite Distillery Feedback

When you visit the Sagamore Spirit Distillery, we may collect your personal information while asking for feedback. This personal information may include name, address, email, and age range. We may collect your personal information from you on a feedback card or through a mobile device at the distillery. We collect your personal information with your consent and use it to evaluate and improve our business operations, Services, and products. The personal information you provide while giving us feedback will only be used to for this purpose unless you also ask to receive marketing communications from us.


Sagamore Spirit will only share your Personal Information with your knowledge and as stated in this Privacy Policy, or as otherwise indicated at the time of collection. This includes sharing that allows us to fulfill our obligations to you and that allows us to manage our business operations. We will only share your Personal Information with third parties in certain limited instances, namely with your consent, or as is necessary because of a legitimate business interest, such as to complete a transaction or provide a product, service, or feature that you have requested.

We may share your Personal Information as described in this Privacy Policy and in the following ways:

1. To affiliates, partners, vendors, and suppliers 
2. To enable the use of our Services 
3. As required by law


"Other Information" is information that is anonymous, aggregate, de-identified, or otherwise does not reveal your identity. Some examples include age, gender, browser and operating system, time spent using our Services, and webpages visited.

Generally, we do not consider Other Information to be Personal Information. Regardless, if we link together Other Information in a way that renders it individually identifiable, we will treat the combined information as Personal Information.

We may collect Other Information about your use of our Services. This includes, for example, your device type, carrier provider, browser type, operating system, Internet domain and host name, date and time of access as well as referring and onward URL. We may also collect transactional data about the activities you undertake and how you interact with the Services, such as what data is displayed, clicked on or shared, the click stream patterns, the length of time spent on each site or page, and searches you may conduct on the Services.


Your privacy rights are important to us. You can ask us to access, correct, or remove your personal information. To submit a request, send an email to Where required by law, you may also have a right to data portability. Requests for portable data should also be sent to We may require you to prove your identity and provide other information to determine what laws apply to you.


Information Security: We are committed to protecting the security of your Personal Information. We use technical and organizational measures designed to protect your information against unauthorized access, theft, and loss. We also recommend that you take additional measures to protect yourself and your information, such as installing anti-virus software, closing browsers after use, keeping confidential your log-in credentials and passwords, and making sure that you regularly update software and apps you have downloaded to ensure you have enabled the latest security features on your devices.

Data Retention: We will retain your Personal Information for as long as you maintain an account or as needed to provide you the Services. We will also retain and use your Personal Information as necessary to comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes, and enforce our agreements.

Data Collection Tools: We use cookies, unique identifiers, web beacons, and similar tracking technologies ("Tracking Technologies") to help us personalize your use of our Services.

We use Google Analytics, which is governed by its own privacy policy. To learn more about Google Analytics, visit

Miscellaneous: Our websites may contain links or references to other websites outside of our control. Please be aware that these websites are not under our control and our Privacy Policy does not apply to these websites. You should read the privacy statements and terms and conditions of linked or referenced sites you visit.

By using this website, you agree to our Terms and Conditions of Use for our Services and this Privacy Policy. If you disagree with any term in the Terms and Conditions of Use or this Privacy Policy, please do not use our Services or send any Personal Information to us.

If you have any questions or concerns about the Terms and Conditions of Use, this Privacy Policy, or our collection and use of information, please e-mail us at

We may revise this Privacy Policy from time to time. We recommend that you regularly check this page to ensure that you have read the most recent version.

Applicable Laws: The laws and regulations in different countries impose different (and even conflicting) requirements on the Internet and data protection. We are located in the USA. Except as otherwise required by law, all matters relating to this website are governed by the laws of the State of Maryland in the USA. Please note that any information you provide will be transferred to the USA and by submitting the information you authorize this transfer.

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