Distillery Exclusive: Sagamore Scribe Mead Cask Finish


We're excited to present our newest offering from our on-going partnership with Orchid Cellar Meadery & Winery in Maryland. This time, we aged a blend of 4-year and 6-year-old rye whiskies in a tart-cherry mead barrel for an additional 2 years and 5 months to create this decadent spirit. Notes of brown sugar, red berries, and cherry blossoms are well-layered into the classic baking spice notes of our rye whiskey. Ripe cherries, vanilla cream, and hints of toasted almonds spread across the palate before cinnamon, nutmeg, and bitter chocolate bloom in the finish. The Sagamore Spirit Distillery Exclusive series offers one-of-a-kind selections that celebrate the legacy of Maryland distilling, with an unyielding focus on excellence from start to finish. 

110 Proof
Aged 4-6 years in charred, new oak barrels.
Finished 2 years and 5 months in a Scribe Mead Cask.